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This is a time when we need more support, not less.  If you would like to schedule a telemed appointment with me please call, text or email at the numbers below.

The link below offers 16 tips to cope during this unprecedented pandemic.

Anxiety, Depression and Fight-or-flight Response: 16 Ways to Cope with Coronavirus, Quarantine and Self-isolation


About Traci...

I am a psychotherapist in practice since 1990. I work together with everyday people with regular struggles. I coach people who are feeling down, overwhelmed, anxious, conflicted, those that are shy or are coping with change and transitions, making decisions, or struggling with marital or relationship challenges.

While many people can manage their problems on their own, the therapeutic process often enables them to reach their goals and decrease symptoms and stress more quickly. Instead of viewing therapy as a grim experience, I see it as an opportunity to work together to create the best life you can have.

My manner is informal, relaxed and insight oriented. I even believe humor can be used as an integral tool in the therapy experience. Humor often illuminates the many strange and challenging predicaments that we all face at times. It is my goal to help people identify their struggles and strengths to become their true authentic self. My philosophy is guided by my unwavering belief in people's ability to achieve their greatest potential.

Traci Breniser Wilson,


When to ask for help...

  • Your emotions are affecting your sleep, eating habits, concentration, relationships and/or your everyday life.

  • You worry all the time and rarely feel calm or at peace.

  • You feel like it is not getting any better.

  • You feel trapped and hopeless.

  • You feel overwhelmed and alone and do not know where to turn.

  • You feel the need to talk to an unbiased person.

Traci Breniser Wilson, MA LLP
Clear Reflections Psychotherapy, PLLC
Dexter, Michigan

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